Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NUMBERS for the Record

Lily will almost certainly be born October 20th. That's a Wednesday, and it's like just over a month away.

My BP was still great at 108/68. I consider myself "not at all puffy" and was a bit offended when my doc squeezed my ankle and said "Not too bad on the puffiness." Uh...that's just me. Bud. And I think you may be confusing bluish-whiteness with puffiness. I've gained (just) less than 30 lbs. Woo!

Now on to Ava.

Ava now weighs 13.4 lbs and is about 25 inches. She's now in the 75th percentile. Pretty impressive for a baby born at 5 lbs 14 oz.

Our pediatrician retired and today was the first day meeting the replacement. She seems plenty nice and competent, but perhaps not...aggressive...or...bad-ass (sorry) enough to deal with a kid like Lily. She needs to be willing to yell at other doctors and order them around. So...luckily with our new insurance situation we can go back to Charlotte's pediatrician, who is bad-ass. If she will have us. So that's good.

I'm watching an episode of Hoarders while the kids sleep off State Fair Trip #2 in which the woman is insisting the multiple dead cats found in the house are saved for her to bury properly. Makes me feel all sane and clean. By comparison.

Also the women in the Reebok toning sneakers commercial are wearing waaaay too tight, and short, shorts. I don't care how toned you are.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get the perfect pediatrician for all of you. It is very important, isn't it? We had to have a sub with one of our children once, and I was just not that happy about it. He kept calling me "Mother." When I said the child seemed to have a problem hearing, he said, "Well, Mother, perhaps the child doesn't want to hear you." So he turned his back and talked to the child (who didn't hear him), so he promptly determined he had "intermittent hearing" that day, and agreed he probably had some infection in his ears.


Katie said...

You are an amazing mother.

kat said...

i don't care what the context is, nobody should able to squeeze a person and then comment on levels of puffiness.