Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Ultrasound

Lily NoMiddleNameYet Hayes
September 21 2010

Eleanor Julie Hayes
September 21 2010
I had my last ultrasound this morning. Four weeks from today I will be consuming my pre-c-section Black Tie Mousse Cake.
Lily looked great today on ultrasound. Her dad says she looks "weird" in the above picture but I thought it was a good one. She actually isn't measuring small anymore, and suddenly they are estimating she could be 7 lbs or more. Told you. Just like Charlotte my 3-4 lb baby, who turned out to be 6 lbs 5 oz. So no new complications noted.
I continue to have a "generous" amount of fluid, which is making for frequent and useless contractions. In fact they are pretty regular around the clock at every 7 minutes, whether or not I lay down. So finally, here at 4 weeks left, I'm not sleeping well anymore. I guess that's fine, with Ella it was MONTHS of floor sleeping, couch sleeping, tossing, turning, whining, kicking Zar just so he would be awake (briefly) . Also my bottom ribs are near to splitting apart, or so it feels.
After my ultrasound I took the kids to a park and let Ella run around so she would take a nap today. Success on that front. Then we went to the grocery store, came home, and started our HUGE laundry day, as I have figured the past week or so that leaning over to pick up, fold, or transfer laundry would cause more contractions, but now I know they come whether I'm quietly reading Hunger Games or carrying an over-full laundry basket up the stairs. So whatever, right?

Thanks to listening to my ramblings about my Primary Program blurb. After I was done writing it I condensed it down into a paragraph and read it in church. I didn't cry or anything, (contractions...distracting) and I think it was good to announce that "We don't know how long Lily will be with us..." as it has become clear that I'm not as fascinating as I believe, and the whole ward isn't holding meetings to discuss the state of my pregnancy. So now at least it won't be a shock when Lily gets here and isn't chromosomally typical. Also at church three different people informed me I looked "so tired" and "really worn down today" and even "about to pass out" so I have also given up making any real effort with my hair and make up, as it clearly doesn't make a difference. Good ole' last weeks of pregnancy, when you can't keep your knees together, even during the Primary Program (thank you maternity leggings) you stop bothering with eye shadow and catch yourself puttering about the house with your t-shirt hiked up around your chest. And then you leave it there.


Lacey said...


TMI Tara said...

Lily is beautiful. So is Ella. So are you, even without make up and your t-shirt hiked up, I'm sure :)

The Family said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to see her! :)

eve said...

I just love the pure honesty of your blog. Mama..you rock this in whatever your wearing, I'm sure of it.

(found your blog while doing some searches on the web for my upcoming childbirth ed class I'm teaching. I've started a curriculum for "special pregnancies".)

Thanks for sharing your girls & your outlook!

Anonymous said...

How about VICTORIA for a middle name for Lily? Victoria for victory over circumstances above and beyond control.I think Lily Victoria really flows. Consider it.

Aunt LeJeune

Anonymous said...

she's absolutley beautiful :)

kristen said...

erin you make me laugh! Lily looks amazing! I am sure charlotte is giving her all sorts of pep talks before she comes to meet the fam! Let me know if you need anything.....I will call you soon for a dinner drop off! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. It is very touching to me.

Anonymous said...

How about Lily Geneva Hayes. That's my 2 cents worth. After Geneva Love, Zar's great grandmother. Oh --- or how about Lily Love Hayes!

I am sure you will find the perfect middle name to go with the perfect first name.

I think Lily looked beautiful!

April said...

Oh that pictures of Lily was is so precious! Wishing you the very best during these last few weeks!