Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Special Needs Moms,
I've joined the Kidz Krew at Kidz which means I will be contributing to that blog as well. I'm excited about it--I didn't discover it until after Charlotte passed away, and still followed it as kind of an outsider...well looks like in a few weeks I'll most likely be an insider again. It's got a TON of info on it about all sorts of conditions and therapies and great quotes...wish I had it years ago when Charlotte was diagnosed. What a lonely time that was on the ole' net.
Anyway, I am pretty sure my "story" will be posted on there tomorrow, follow the link to the right to find the site. I'm pretty sure anyone checking my blog is familiar with it but thought I'd still give a heads up!
Also, will someone contact Salt Water Sandals and get them to pay me big money to use the above picture in some sort of advertisement? I am going to be losing my income soon so that would be ideal.


Becky said...

HEY! What about your LONE friend from NH who was your only NET friend? :) You and me friend...that's all I had at the time too. Isn't it a wonderful thing, this internet and blogging? And I'm laughing at your advertisement. I'll get right on that request!

Niki said...

Hi Erin-
my best friend sent me a link to your blog, mentioning how many similarities we had. I would love to talk to you. My blog is epilepsywarriors.blogspot.com and my e-mail is nikihyer@gmail.com
I am sure we could swap stories about genetics, having Ute fans for husbands and being special needs moms in Utah. I look forward to hearing from you. Your story hits close to home and is inspiring. You're a warrior! Welcome to Holland

Allison said...

beautifully done. LOVE YOU.

Ann said...

Cool! Thank you for sharing this site, never heard of it but will definately check it out and I look forward to your posts!