Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ah-Va! Ah-Va! Ah-Va!

So Cute.

Ava is an athlete. At 3 months, 3 weeks, is now rolling over and pushing WAAAAY up. Maybe that isn't all that early but it sure is early in our household. The kid is like a coiled spring!

Here she is trying to get out of her car seat and go for a hike.

And here is my reality check on just how big I actually am, just shy of 33 weeks.

To celebrate the Best 1/3 of the Year (Now through December) I requested a picnic up the canyon. We went up after work last night, ate Zupas and let Ella run around the trails. She is a little hiker in the making.

I'm very content right now; I love this time of year and all it brings. Ute Football (tonight!), the State Fair, The Greek Fest, our 8th Anniversary, Ella's 2nd Birthday, cool weather, Ava's Finalization Day and Temple Sealing AND Baby Blessing, Halloween and the Festivities (Cornbellys...GO) my 30th Birthday, Thanksgiving, Zar's 32nd Birthday, CHRISTMAS, and oh yeah, in the middle of all that Lily will be born. Which of course, is scary but I know will turn out to be a treasured memory and another source of celebration no matter what happens.

So forgive my substance-free blog posts, I'm just focusing on the happy simple good right now.


Laura said...

I think you look fantastic!!! I love your shirt...where did you get it?

April said...

You look wonderful with Lily tucked in there!

Ann said...

Your family is beautiful!!!! And you & Lilly look great!

TMI Tara said...

You look stunning! Glad you're enjoying this beautiful time of year. Your little girls are SO beautiful, every one of them!

So my SIL saw you in my post about the lunch we had. She mentioned to me that she knew you from West High. Taylor Bennett? Jamie Bennett is my BIL? Know 'em? Anyway, just thought I'd tell ya. Small world!

katherine said...

oh my heck. i just love you. great post. man, and that ava. she has grown so much and is such an athlete! so awesome. be well!!

Shannon said...

Ava is seriously to cute to bear. Oh my. What a doll!!