Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from the Beach

Ava and her twin cousins Rosie and Evie...or maybe it's Evie and Rosie...


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures from the beach. Have missed you.

Aunt LeJeune

TMI Tara said...

Gorgeous! Looks like fun! I just love that pic of the 3 babes :)

Amanda said...

So cute. Just so, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mickey Mouse and Ella photo, and the beach babies, one and all. Thanks always for posting.

Love, Carolyn H.

B said...

Hi there

Saw you post on the bt yahoo group too.
Thinking of you at this time, you are going great and are an inspiration to me in your ongoing positivity.

Yep, going where life takes you cause that's where you're going anyway. A lesson for me to learn. Digging of heels and kicks and screams only makes for sore feet and headaches.

Can;t seem to stop it though.

best wishes.