Friday, June 04, 2010

Our Family Photographer

I should have mentioned when I retooled my blog with our new pictures of Ava and Ella that they were taken by Katherine Wallin. I added her button to the side for easy access! She is wonderful and easy to work with and affordable! I So, SO wish we had pictures of Charlotte by her. What a treasure! Also, when we do family photos we try and always incorporate beads into them to represent Charlotte, as they were her favorite toy. In the header picture you can see Ella holding the little pearl bead bracelet to honor her sister.


Julie said...


Your photographer is awesome! I've noticed that many times!!! You catch some great photos as well. I did notice the beads in the picture and shed a tear as well as smiled and remembered sweet Charlotte. Tonight I caught up and read this blog and the blog before with the kisses from Charlotte/the poem. Again I teared up but yet had a smile at the same time. You are just such a beautiful and amazing person and I love your honest blog and appreciate you sharing your life with us!


Carleton & Robyn said...

Darling darling pics!! I just want to kiss your girls.

You mentioned tantrums. My teaching buddy mailed me the book Power of Positive Parenting by Dr. Latham when Annie was born. Apollo was at that same age and the book made a night and day difference for both kids. LOVE it. It's with a friend right now because I always lend it out.