Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Quiet for a minute.
When I get up in the morning I always think as soon as Ella goes down for a nap I will take a nap myself. By the time it rolls around I am feeling less groggy and generally spend the quiet hour folding laundry or tidying, which is rather pointless. Zar asked why I don't bother to wrap up the vacuum cord and instead leave it in a tangled heap hanging on the handle. Well it's because I use it very nearly daily and as it isn't out as part of our decor I see no need to keep it looking neat. I also have been wondering why the coffee table suddenly needs dusting every day, but watching Ella pull herself up on it and dance last night with her bare sweaty summertime feet during Glee answered that question. I tried to spot clean our carpet last week which only served to point out how grubby the rest of it is. And today I decided to reduce the piles of useless crap on our kitchen counter from three to one, and found, sitting right there on our kitchen counter the following: 1) one long black extension cord belonging to some large appliance and two old cell phone cords 2) one cosmetic bag containing my long lost powder concealer and the rosebud balm I have longed blamed Ella for losing. 3) about forty packages of various varieties of cut flower food, some snipped open and then folded back over for later use. 4) 700 ARUP pens, most without ink. 5) 100 bobby pins, all of my stretchy headbands for dressing up pony tails, most of my necklaces and a ratting comb. 6) two banana quarters and half a pear (all from the last couple days but strange how my eyes just gloss over these things when cleaning.)
I managed to cut all three junk piles in half, and that's about as much as one can expect out of me today.
Sometime about the age of nine I heard a quote that went something like "Cleaning the house while your kids are still young is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing." For some reason I filed that one away into my tiny tween brain for later use. It has been going through my head a lot these past few weeks. As if the addition of a newborn has greatly added to the mess around here. It's not like Ava's the one running off and hiding my rosebud balm.
We have started using Time-Outs for Ella. I must say I was surprised at how quickly she got the concept. I was especially shocked that she, for the most part, obeys me when I order her to sit back down when she rises from the corner by the front door prematurely, say, after 10 seconds instead of 30. Yes, she screams and wails and was very furious when I attempted to take her picture while in time-out this morning, but after I get her to sign "nice" and "sorry" and I receive my post time-out snotty hug, she is generally nicer afterwards for awhile, and just saying "Ella, do you need a time out?" is enough to persuade her not to break her crayons in half and throw them. Most of the time.

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kristen said...

ohh cute little Ella bug! Megan was smacking Hailey all day at the zoo today and then tried to rip her hair bow out everytime Hailey's head came within reach! (all about the same same time you sent me Ella's time-out picture) I think....know this is a sassy age and yes, this will pass....I hope! :)