Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I was carrying Ava in a sling at Costco with Ella in the cart. I heard a couple talking about us:

Man: I'm telling you, it's a real baby.
Woman: No no, it's a doll.
Man: Why would she be carrying a doll around in a sling?
Woman: It's her daughters doll.
Ava: Wah!
Couple: Oh my goodness!

Then the couple came over and cooed over Ava in her sling, and Ella burst into wild tears over the lack of attention. A free sample of potato chips remedied her mood, and we arrived home with a giant box of Ella diapers, four tomato plants, a flat of strawberries, a big bag of frozen chicken, and a bagged salad. Oh, and a doll in a sling.


AussieJenn said...

Oh dear! Just as well you have a sense of humor...

Shannon said...

This picture of Ava kind of makes me teary. Love it. Reminds me of Boof- Blue duck and all. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of trips to Costco with Jen and Cash, and twins and two carts. Nobody could believe anything. And if we would get separated they thought it was just so crazy I had twins at my age! And getting everyone fed at every tasting table! And all the oohing and aahing that certainly slowed any progress.

I guess this is just a warm-up for future trips to Costco with three!
How adorable Ella and Ava are in recent photos. "This is Livin'!"

Love, Carolyn H.

Lacey said...

I agree that she looks like a doll, but why would a grown women be carrying a doll around?!!

Carleton & Robyn said...

Hey Erin, I left another comment on your blog. i asked if you were pregnant but maybe you just mentioned you felt like you were pregnant because you were adopting. I'm trying to speed read your post before I have to leave in a couple minutes. Again my blog is and the other one is So good to see you doing well.

Stephanie & Weston Hayes said...

How cute. I love your blog Erin. Your pictures are so cute.