Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Those hospital binkies are ridiculous.

Thanks for letting me vent. I have felt much better since my last post; a blog sure is cheaper than therapy.
We went to the cabin this weekend, just us, and had time to just be together with really absolutely nothing else to do. Ella enjoyed playing outside even though it was cold and windy and Ava enjoyed being the youngest visitor ever to the cabin. Being there made me realize that the reason I always try and keep Ava completely silent at night is because I'm worried about the neighbors. This was keeping me up a lot more than I needed to be at night. So we moved her into Charlotte's room...is that her room now? I don't know...anyway, she now sleeps in there, and I of course found out that if she does cry between feedings it is for a few seconds and she goes right back to sleep. I mean, babies cry. So tough neighbors, although I doubt they hear her. The last two nights have been more restful so that's lovely.
On the way home from the cabin I was whining about being pregnant again, and Zar said "you know, your life isn't so bad" and I of course jumped in with "OH you don't know! You don't know!" which is what I say whenever he tells me I'm not as tired as I feel and don't really need to go get a prenatal massage, and maybe I don't need an ice cream cone. Zar went ahead with "you have two beautiful daughters who love you...or will love you...and a husband who loves you and goes to work every day even though it sucks, and you've been asked to do something again you have done before well and was worth it." So I said "sorry" and we stopped for Burger King. And I felt better about stuff. I even went as far to call and make a prenatal appointment today, something I had been avoiding. And I even kinda sorta am looking forward to going back to work, just to get out of the house a few days a week, although I have a feeling that attitude will change. And thank goodness it's not raining again today, although Ella sounds like she's going to drown in snot, but it's always going to be something. Ava, thank goodness, is fine.


Becky said...

You DO have a wonderful life...it's HARD, but wonderful. And I cannot WAIT to meet your two newest daughters. (hoping to come out in the fall) xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place to spend some quiet days. There are a lot of fond memories at your cabin, and it is a beautiful spot.

Love to you all, Carolyn

Stephanie Weston Hayes said...

I hope you know erin that we all love you and want the best for you. and yes now you not only have two girls you have Three! Charlotte is always with you!
I love you and admire everything about you:)