Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snuggle Nest Success!

Special thanks to Katie and Alex for lending us their Snuggle Nest, a little portable bed roll type thing with little walls for baby to sleep in between mom and dad to prevent baby smushing. And thank goodness for king sized beds.
Dad brought Ava up to bed last night at midnight, having just eaten (and spit up most of it on Dad's shirt.) He put her in her rocking cradle thing in Charlotte's room and came in to brush his teeth. Immediately she started crying. I got up and topped her off and snuggled her and put her back to bed. Within minutes she was crying again and I was up holding her binky in her mouth. So I brought her back to bed with me, and placed her in the Snuggle Nest. She fell right to sleep and slept like a rock WITHOUT her binky until FOUR AM. At which time I fed her and she went right back to sleep again, snoozing til 6 and then again until 8:30. Pretty sweet.
I woke up happy and rested although when Zar came to kiss me goodbye for the day he said "Ava didn't sleep that well...did she?" Oh dads. Goes to show how as long as she's in the next room he doesn't hear a peep. Oh well, he can deal.
He also doesn't want to start a habit of having her sleep with us, which I agree with, but these are very early days and we need to bond anyway, so need to have her in the next room for now.
I used "On Becoming Babywise" with Ella, a book my SIL loaned me when I was pregnant with Charlotte. It really worked well for us and Ella is an excellent sleeper who goes right to bed in her own crib without a fuss. I'm hoping it will work for Ava as well. The first week you just focus on getting full feedings each feed which we have done, and then starting tomorrow we will start the other rules as well, which aren't complicated, just trying to feed on a 2.5 to 3 hour schedule, full feeds, and having some wake time after eating (except in the middle of the night) so they don't get used to falling asleep with a baba. That's really it, although the book is long and over explains everything when it could totally be done in a pamphlet. I am still way impressed with Ella's sleeping skills so I recommend it. Charlotte didn't really need it. She was such a snooze-hound I had to set my alarm to make sure she got enough to eat in the night.
Sorry for the rambling post, I'm just happy to feel rested (more or less) and am really starting to feel like Ava is MY daughter and I'm not just babysitting. It's quite an adventure, best done on a decent nights sleep.


Anonymous said...

What an absolute beauty she is!


kristen said...

She is soo sweet, I can't wait to meet her! PS: can she give some hair to Megan?

Lincoln said...


Jessica said...

I am so happy for you! Ava is beautiful and I can't get over how much of a miracle and blessing she is to your family. Birth mom did such a great thing and she picked a wonderful family to give this gift. I wanted to stop by and let you know that I am still following your wonderful family. I know you are probably feeling so many mixed emotions right now with Ava being so new and knowing your new little one will change things so very much. I am praying for you all, Big Sis Ella, Little sis Ava, and the newest little sis. Of course, we all know the Big Big Sis is watching from Heaven and she knows the plans God has for you. You are truly blessed.

Huge hugs and tons of love and prayers coming to you from Ohio.

Sarah said...

Holy smokes, I haven't read your blog in a while. Getting caught up was exciting to say the least. You seem to have such a great attitude toward it all. Of course when you go through the ups and downs I'm sure you've had, you're seasoned for greatness! You are such an example.

Amanda said...

She's so darling! I'm so happy she's finally here. Jack is a great sleeper too. He does have a bink, which I'm okay with, but he goes down almost every night without making a peep. Sometimes he even tells me "nigh nigh" because he's ready to go and I have lost track of time. How lucky are we?