Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ava Day 2

Ava's hospital photos arrived today. I really love how they send in a professional to do the hospital pics now, instead of just laying baby on that fixed camera/incubator thing on a piece of patterned paper. Of course, it's obviously great for the photo company; I mean who isn't going to buy these?
Looking at this it's hilarious to see her hair; I had tried to wet it and make it curl minutes before the photographer came to the room and it's fluffy at best. Now, just a few days later, I'm not sure I could comb the curl out if I tried. Not that I would.
Ava went to the doctor today. At 8 days old she has gained 10 oz, now weighing in at a hefty 6 lbs 8 oz. Strong work Ava!
I'm missing Boof a lot. I think this diet coke fueled, tired but happy state is the one I was in for a few years with her. Multiple nighttime check ins and feedings, and the last time I was doing this Charlotte was here, snoozing away in the next room. There was a lot more stress when Boof was here, but the morning drunken stupor is familiar.
I know she is watching and aware of us. And due to last night's 1 am rejection of Kirkland brand formula and it's resulting writhing and retching, that's all I can think to say about that.


Jessica said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I am so thrilled for you and your golden basket baby. Give her a big squeeze for me please.

Susan said...

So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, to have the photographers eye for capturing the beauty in others! I've seen it in the pictures you take, Erin, and think it applies to more than just outward beauty.

Shannon said...

She is so beautiful Erin. So incredibly sweet. I miss Boof too. She touched everyone around her. You are doing an amazing job dealing with everything that God is throwing at you. I continue to stand in awe of you. Love you.

Marsha said...

This is such a great picture of her. She is so beautiful. Congrats.

{ Bethany } said...

Omgoodness...what a DOLL!!! So pretty. :D