Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I was informed tonight that I haven't posted in FOREVER. So here it is.
The day after my last post Zar had his big ole surgery. He had his long ago broken nose fixed, and his tonsils and adenoids removed. All this because I had been witness to many nights of extremely labored breathing, and lack of breathing, from his side of the bed. He's always been a snorer but it had gotten extremely bad over the last year, prompting me to call an ENT. He needed help. As did I. It was also not great for our marriage. There were nights he would stop breathing for a few seconds and I would think to myself "Good. I can sleep for a minute" or even "Just die already!"
So....not too good.
The surgery went well and we started the All Slurpee Diet. He went back to work less than a week later which probably was not the best idea. Last Friday he called me from work to tell me he had coughed up some blood. I said "Well, there's going to be SOME blood. How much?" A few hours later we were in the ER while vomited vast amounts of blood and I dutifully clicked pictures from my cell phone, which probably should not be posted. He went into emergency surgery, was fully cauterized, and we were sent home It was a weird weekend. I did get the surgery waiting room, and it's baskets of cookies, all to myself. Got some reading done.
He is doing remarkably better now, much better than he was doing even hours before he started ahem, hemorrhaging.
And the nights are so....quiet. I woke up last night and was shocked to see him next to me. I poked him to make sure he was still alive. Because who knew he could breath silently? Not I said the wife of 7 years.
Ella is trotting about the house at full speed, demanding applause for small accomplishments such as opening and closing a cupboard. This I think she picked up last week at The Little Gym, which is heavy on lavish praise.
We had our first doctor appointment with firstmom, and it went well, she loves Dr. Yami, but who doesn't? He's a celebrity OB. Firstmom is 31 weeks now, measuring small but normal, and dreamt that she gave birth to a basket of kittens. I asked Zar if he was okay with adopting a basket of kittens, and he said sure. So no problems there. My sister, who is pregnant with twins, announced she would be thrilled to give birth to a litter of beagles, so I guess we will have to adjust our expectations on the upcoming babies.


{ Bethany } said...

I love how nonchalant you are about the hospital/ER/surgery! Only a mom of a special needs child! :P Its like a switch just flips and you think, oh ya, I'm in my element. Bring it on!

I am literally on pins and needles every time I think about you guys and firstmom and the baby-in-utero! I can't imagine how anxious you all are.

I wish we lived by each other...it would be fun to see out lil girls tearin' up the house together!


Kelly said...

I'm so glad your hubby is okay. I had what they called a 1 in a million reaction to a tonsillectomy back when I was 8 years old, which went exactly the same way. I ended up losing half of my blood! Very scary for my parents, I'm sure. (I was pretty much comatose.) I've never known anyone else who had the hemorrhaging problem, and I've always had to explain to doctors why I had to have a blood transfusion in 1983. (Not a good time for blood transfusions.) Glad he's okay!

Becky said...

That was FUNNY! EVERY.SINGLE.PART! Thanks for the entertainment today. 'Preciate it! xoxo

Lincoln said...

Post the vomiting blood pictures.

Shannon said...

That was an awesome post. Laughed my head off! So glad that Zar is doing so much better!

Anonymous said...

When our family was in Canada once, David and I had our tonsils out in Cardston. In the middle of the night, David had to go back to the hospital because he was hemorrhaging! It is not unheard of. So glad Zar is doing well and so happy for Erin to get a good night's rest.

Love your posts.


Jen I said...

Woah, glad I just stumbled upon your blog again - I'm so out of the loop! You guys have a lot of crazy stuff going on right now! Good luck with everything.