Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick while Ella's asleep!

Behold the new Blog Design. I was looking at my blog last night at 1030 and thought to myself "You know, I'm done with this blue and green windy grieving, yet strong and hopeful (oh look! A butterfly!) look.
Three hours later I settled on this. It's my Happy, Family Oriented, Scrapbook-ey Mo-Mom look. I thought long about changing the title from "Developmental Delays" to something else. That was the name I gave booferd.blogspot.com back when Charlotte was a wee one. Finally I decided I'm not ready for that. Maybe after the official One Year Angel Day Mark, maybe once Golden Basket Baby gets here, maybe not at all, I'll just continue to feel it out.
My mommy made me very happy today by telling me she had looked for a little dark skinned baby doll for Ella while in South Carolina, which I thought was so sweet, and then later she called and said she would buy New Baby a cradle so we don't have to buy a new crib just to move Ella to a big girl bed a few months later. How lucky I am to have a wonderful, supportive mom and family! I know lots of people aren't so blessed.


Shannon said...

You do have an awesome family! And I must say I am loving your new blog background.

Ashes said...

I love the new look. That picture is so amazing that I cried. You are surrounded by so much love and beauty.

katherine said...

nice makeover. i love that photo up top. i think it captured a lot!

also, just thinking about you as you near the one year mark, and as you anticipate all the other happenings right now in your life!

Godspeed!! take care!!

AussieJenn said...

I can't remember how I found your blog last week, maybe SQ? But anyway, it's taken me a few days but I've read it all from start to finish and wanted to say hello.

What a way with words you have, and what an incredible woman you are, in all your gloriousness and frailties. Thank you for sharing your journey, you've had me smiling, laughing, tearful and full out crying. I will be logging on each week eager to see what life has install for you next. (It's funny thing this blog reading, it makes you feel like you know a person, when all you've done is read their typed thoughts and seen some photos - but it feels so very much more, so...intimate).

The headstone you had made for Charlotte is so special and fitting, I'm sure you will be there often updating her on the family.

What an incredible spirit you have....no wonder both your daughters have it too - you can see it in their gorgeous blue eyes. Bless your little family, may it grow and continue to be full of love and laughter.