Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween! I'm glad we focused on having a fun Halloween SEASON this year, as the day itself was a bust. I'm so glad we went to Cornbellys twice, and the fabulous Temple View Pumpkin patch twice, and on the ghost tour even though the guide kept referring to the ghosts in question as "Mist-e-vious."
My mother in law suggested Ella be a little lamb this year and wear Cousin Nieve's costume from her first Halloween. I thought that was a great idea and I could be little Bo Peep, but after some investigating it turns out Bo Peep is a currently a popular lingerie theme, and there slim pickings for me costume wise. Kath offered to make me a costume and it was FABULOUS. Luckily I let my sister wear it to work on Friday, so it got some wear, and next year I'll wear it again and be Miss Muffet or something.
Unfortunately I woke up sick on Halloween, and after sleeping all morning and then taking excedrin and caffeine and zip fizz, I started gearing up for a fun afternoon and evening. I thought I had even lucked out and wasn't going to have to work, but my pager went off at 2 pm and I found myself at the hospital for the evening in grubby scrubs and a t-shirt and very curly Bo Peep hair. I missed the ward party and the friend party so after finishing my procedure I went to my moms to wait for Zar to get home from the football game. So...kinda sad.
Luckily as aforementioned, I made sure we had a fab season all together, and now I will not be on call for Thanksgiving OR I guess it was worthwhile.


Shannon said...

My Halloween was just not the same without you m'love! Here's to not working on Thanksgiving or Christmas though- and next year will be better than ever-

Michelle said...

Such a cute costume! And Ella makes an adorable little sheep :)

Becky said...

Sorry you were sick AND had to go to work...but I'm glad you have the other holidays off. Cute costume AND I can't believe how big Ella is getting. :)

Anonymous said...

Darling costumes!