Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Seven Year Itch, Hayes Style

At Red Robin, over five dollar burger and apple walnut salad. And steak fries.

Zar: So who is your favorite Disney Character? Oh wait, wait, let me write down my guess so you know I knew who it was. (Writes tiny on a napkin behind his hand)

Me: Uh, okay. Mickey Mouse.

Zar: No.

Ella: Woo!

Me: Cinderella then.

Zar: Wrong. (tosses napkin at Erin)

Me: Robin Hood? You didn't say which Disney character I most would like to make out with.

Zar: (shocked.)

Ella: Ahhhh! Da da da.

Me: Who would yours be? Oh, Belle.

Zar: No, ha.

Me: Jasmine.

Zar: Nope.

Ella: Mmmmmm ba.

Me: Ariel.

Zar: Oh yeah.

Me: Uh, she's a fish.

Zar: Not when she's on land! Oh yeah! Plus, you can't talk, Robin Hood is a fox all the time!

Me: Exactly.

Ella: Woot woot!


Becky said...

What's the 7 year itch? And your dialogue is killing me! I'm laughing. :)

Michelle said...

Cuteness :)
Personally, I love me some Prince Eric. And if I could BE any of the princesses, I think I'd go with Sleeping Beauty. What girl doesn't want to be surrounded by three magical ferries?

Erin said...

I would be jasmine for the tiger and the abs. Then I would marry robin hood.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about you and the joy Charlotte brought into my classroom and into my life.

Ella is beautiful. The autumn pictures are wonderful.

A. Murdock

{ Bethany } said...

I would have to go with Prince Eric as well! You guys are nuts, lol. Now I have to go ask my husband which disney character he would make out with...