Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a few pictures today. Ella went down for her morning nap and I told her while she was sleeping I would work out (Jillian Michaels 30 day shred On Demand) be all dressed and ready and we would leave the house and hit the streets to search out the perfect 1st Birthday Cake as soon as she woke up. Granted, the birthday is still a month away, but here I am still in my work out clothes, still sitting on the couch, and uploading photos after having bought some fall baby clothes online and checking in on my blogs and facebook and babysteals. Ella is awake and has removed her pants. I guess she senses it's going to be a casual day. Maybe having the internet at home isn't such a great idea.

Above is Ella at Newport Beach this summer, where she consumed much sand which kept her bowels moving at a breakneck pace.
Ella and Caro hung out all day on Tuesday and attempted to flatten one another throughout the day, but were dang cute doing it.
This morning I tried to fix Ella's bed head hair with water and a bow, and the result was this glamorous look complete with cheerio beauty mark.

I will go get dressed now, at nearly 1pm, and we will visit at least one cake shop. That's my goal for this entire day, and it will be about all I accomplish, aside from the uploading and checking in and baby clothes shopping. So not a complete waste.


Alex Drake said...

Carrie and Ella are so cute together! Funny that her hair in that bottom picture matches your hair in the picture in the previous post.

Lincoln said...

If you find a cake as good as something from Cakes by Diane...let me know.

Michelle said...

Loved meeting Zar and seeing you again at Jack's party! Let's grab Amanda and do dinner soon :)

Shannon said...

Awesome- love the cheerio beauty mark!