Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ella had her 9 month doctor's appointment today, less than a week shy of her 11th month mark. She is in the 10th percentile for weight (for an 11 month old, not a 9 month old), the 25th for height and the 75% for head. Still petite, but firmly on the charts so I'm happy. She also got a flu shot and her hematocrit is 35%, which is apparently fine for a baby. I forgot to ask about her thumb sucking, so I guess it will have to wait for her 1 year appointment, which will be in December when she is nearly 14 months old.
We got the okay for her to eat whatever, so I have scrambled an egg for her and hid the left over baby carrots in it that she would not eat yesterday. Very sneaky. Ella is more of a tomato and green bean kind of girl.
Football season begins today, and Zar was so excited last night he could barely sleep and popped out of bed at 6:30 without a single groan. He pulled out his lucky Utah golf shirt he wore to every game last year and hasn't worn since the Sugar Bowl. He breathed in it's wrinkly polo-ness and sighed so loudly he woke up Ella. Grrr.
We went and met with a new Reproductive Endocrinologist yesterday. We just were not having good experiences at the University clinic. The new guy was much more encouraging than the old guy and talked about some new "latest and greatest" form of genetic testing that will probably be a little cheaper than we had anticipated. We made a tentative plan to start getting our ducks in a row in December so we can attempt a cylce in February. I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but I know IVF is not really my first choice, and it's not Zar's either, but rather a compromise. We agreed not to discuss it until December and then decide what to do. If we choose to do IVF, we both need to be fully invested and excited about it. That's the rule.
I decorated for Fall yesterday, which does include three large glittery bats, a few glass pumpkins and a light up plastic Jack-O-Lantern. Zar asked me if I am aware of what month it is. I don't care. One month is not enough time when you have cute Halloween decor to display. The way I see it is this--September and October is for Halloween, November and December for Christmas, January and February for Valentines, March and April for Easter, and after that the Decorating Season ends until September. I'm not a big Independence Day Decorator.
Last year I didn't fully get into Halloween due to the whole giving birth through major surgery thing, but on Halloween I pulled out my trusty black maternity dress which I wore for about 82% of my total pregnancy, threw some plastic spiders in my ratted hair and went as...not sure on that one, but something large and black and ratty. My snickers bar above says "Substantialicious" which I definitely was. Oh delightful post baby cushiness.
The next day I was bawling tears of happiness at hearing my first Christmas song on blessed FM 100. Yes I was only three weeks postpartum, but I doubt that had much to do with my excessive emotive joy. Oh Star of Wonder, star of-sniff-Night! I just love Holidays.

Well Ella has decided she is ready for her carrot egg.


Shannon said...

It's holiday time! Woohoo! I must admit- you did have quite a wonderful costume last year! Most awesome. I am so glad to hear that the new doc was more reassuring. It's about time you guys had some decent news. We are behind you no matter what you decide. So exciting to think of a new little rugrat to love and spoil!

kat said...

halloween is my most favorite of holidays. i spent a good portion of last week buying new decorations and couldn't feel better about it.

i like to refer to "future kat" as her own entity, especially when it comes to decision making and all i can say is this whole IVF thing totally sounds like something future erin and future zar can handle.
because i hear those two are awesome.

Anonymous said...

so a little creepy here but we are very alike :) I think I already mentioned that I'm putting all my fall stuff out tomorrow... I totally agree with you on the decorating months thing, I don't do much for 4th of July, and one of my all time fav Christmas songs is We Three Kings....

I must say, I like your taste :)

Michelle said...

PS- I don't know why my comment posted as anonymous, this is Michelle :)

LindsayAndrew said...

erin!!! yep I'm creeping on your blog! And i LOVE it!! And I totally agree on the double month celebration!!! More people should think like you! the world would be a much more exciting place!! haha it's been forever since i've seen you, and pretty sure I blame you! ha just kidding! but I hope I can make it to girls night next time and I hope you can too, with little smella ella!

Katie Plewe said...

Oh Erin... you are definitely your mother's daughter when it comes to decorating early.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to get updated on your family. We love you all.

xoxox Carolyn H.