Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes Amanda I stole this from your blog and immediatly posted it on mine. Photo Credit: Amanda Crosby Cute Baby Credit: Me. (And Zar)

We are online! Hooray!
So look forward to more frequent somewhat depressing ramblings from me. Except not tomorrow, or any time this weekend, or for most of next week, because I'm working. But still more frequent.
Zar is flipping through channels and oohing and awing over the HDedness of ESPN. How very exciting.
Ella ate two tomatoes for dinner, which kind of made me retch. I told my sister I'd rather eat a human head, which is perhaps a little extreme. Before you tell me how fresh and summery garden tomatoes taste, or ask why I planted them if I hate them so, let me explain that I love tomato sauce, and sun dried tomatoes, and especially tomato soup. To me, fresh raw tomatoes taste like very lousy tomato soup and incomplete sauce. And all cold and slimy. Icky. Also I thought two plants would produce maybe five tomatoes, total, and I would add them to a salad and a maybe a kabob of some sort and look like a wife who makes colorful balanced meals. And then not eat them.
Instead of course I have roasted and frozen three cookie sheets full, given 30 or so to coworkers, a few to my mom who disgustingly ate them with mayonnaise right in front of me, let the slugs get a huge number, and added 5 to salads and crock pots of chicken. And fed Ella two. And yet they keep ripening.
I will say I love the way the leaves smell. All fresh and summery.
And now I must go set the DVR to record the next few weeks of "What Not To Wear. "


katherine said...

erin, i love this post. i feel the exact same way about tomatoes. even down to their leaves smelling good. what a funny thing - to like something in so many other ways, but not the way it was naturally intended. hum, oh well!

{ Bethany } said...

"and look like a wife who makes colorful balanced meals" haha!! Sounds fun...Im toying with the idea of planting a garden this year. Planting time is in the next couple weeks here in AZ!!!

What Not To Wear is Olivia and my favorite's show, lol. We watch it almost every day! I think she likes Clinton as much as I do! (he's such a cutie, too bad he bats for the other team! hehe)

kristen said...

Amen sista....i hate tomatoes too! hey call me and will will arrange meals for the can supply the tomatoes! :)

Susie said...

Wow! Way to go! Sometimes I think the first time one plants something in a new yard it goes hog wild! I know our tomatoes did the first year we lived here. I think they were five feet tall.
I'd like to know more about roasting tomatoes. I'll have to ask you about it!

alex said...

I thought you were going to start posting more now that you have the internet. Some of us depend on things like blogs to keep us interested at work.

Amanda said...

You and I are definitely kindred spirits. Tomatoes are the "fruits of the devil". Seriously. Nasty. And thanks for the photo credit, by the way. Its pretty good, even if I do say so myself.