Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Blessing Day Baby Elijah!

Zar promises that things are underway to get internet (legally) at home and any moment Comcast will show up at our house to set it up. Hasn't happened yet.

Luckily nothing new is going on. Just mourning. It will have been six months this friday. Sometimes it feels like a lot longer, other times it feels like I just held her yesterday. I've been meaning to to sit down and write down all the little things I think I will remember about her, but probably won't.

For example, she went through a thumb sucking phase which was really a thumb biting phase. She didn't have a very strong suck reflex so she would just jam her thumb in her mouth, bite down on it and hold it there. She had a huge callous on her hand from it. Later, she dropped that and went through a phase where she would stick a finger in her ear, turn her head and stick her other index finger in her opposite ear and repeat. It was so funny and cute. After that, she dropped the ear thing and started sticking her index finger way back behind her eye socket and would attempt to do it to other people. This wasn't so cute. I would grab her finger away and yell "EW!" and she would laugh and try and dig my eye out. What a character she was.

Ella is crawling all over and attempting to jam as much cat food into her mouth as possible when I turn my head. It amazes me how she manages to find the tiniest dangerous invisible thing on the floor and stuff it into her cheek. It's quite incredible.
More to follow, provided we get access one of these days.


Becky said...

we've missed you. i love hearing about your little charlotte. hurry back so we can hear more stories. thank you for sharing them. thinking about you...

Jessica said...

I find myself thinking about writing down similar things about Eva, thinking I may forget them. Everyday there is something new from this amazing little girl. I'm sure Charlotte was the same way. I think of you often and love it when you share on your blog.