Sunday, July 05, 2009

I've known our latest swim team test results for about a week now but with Charlotte's birthday and everything I haven't felt like divulging them yet. The results were quite surprising. I'm not sure how I feel about them.

On average, a man with a balanced translocation produces 82% affected swim team members. Zar, on the other hand, produces only 51% affected. That along with the 8% otherwise affected swimmers, means that 41% of Zar's swimmers are normal, which is actually quite high for people in our situation.

I really expected that the results would show that only 10% or so were normal, and the doctor would advise us to not attempt IVF, and the decision would be made for us. This is why I went ahead with the $2000 test, as I thought it would put an end to this IVF mumbo jumbo. Not so. There is an extremely good chance that if we attempt IVF we will get at least a few good healthy embryos.

At the same time, my sister is in the middle of her 2 week wait on her IVF cycle. On the day of her transfer, (Charlotte's Birthday) she went to the hospital by ambulance in horrible pain and they almost did not do the transfer. She had another attack that afternoon and it was like watching the first half of "A Baby Story" live, one of those ones with a midwife and no epidural. Quite frightening, especially for someone like myself who has only given birth neatly and quietly through a large abdominal surgical opening.

Anyway since then I've had the pleasure of giving her one of her nightly injections of what appeared to be honey, and hearing her complain that already none of her clothes fit.

I can only imagine that someone who gained 55 lbs with her last pregnancy (such as myself) would start to swell long before the first injection.

Anyway, none of this matters, of course, if it results in a healthy child. I am so worried about her cycle not working out that I tend to assume she is already pregnant.

So there's the latest on the reproductive front. When Zar got our news, he said "We're gonna do this." I will probably call the clinic tomorrow and find out what the next step is for us, and how big the next check needs to be to take that next step.


Allison said...

My clothes don't fit because I have a ovary the size of a honeydew melon not because I've already gained that much weight!!!! (I'm hoping.....)I'm sure you will have better luck with stimulation. xoxoxo

Mrs. Langeland said...

Sounds like very exciting news for you! I hope, and pray, that all goes well for you!


Becky said...

oh...I'm SO rooting for you! This news makes me SO HAPPY! I'd still be happy if you went the adoption route, but gosh dang it, you make the CUTEST.BABIES.EVER! :)