Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update to an Uneventful Life

Still no internet access at home. Frustrated and annoyed with Husband over it.

Ella now holds her own bottle which is pretty nice. Still no forward crawling.

Went to my 10 year high school reunion last night. Surprised at how many people knew about my blog, and also surprised at how many didn't know about Charlotte's death. Strange.

My little brother Jake came home from his mission to Greece at midnight last night. First time seeing him in 2 years. He seems shockingly the same, which is good.

Still in Reproductive Limbo. No new test results. The past few days I've been thinking that I am so incredibly blessed to have one healthy child. Maybe having one child on earth isn't so bad. We could take more vacations and have a smaller car. We could do lots of things bigger families can't. I'm talking twice yearly Disneyland trips. Maybe thrice. Not so bad.

My sister, on the other hand, had her IVF egg retrieval and got 21 eggs, 2o of which fertilized. She will have transfer and hopefully conception on Tuesday. Which is--

Charlotte's Fourth Birthday. I don't know how the day is going to play out yet. Wistfully happy or full of sorrow and that aching I have become so familiar with.

Time will Tell.


Lincoln said...

I'd like a full report on the reunion please.

katherine said...

oh erin. i will be thinking of you and your sis this week. i hope tuesday is a happy day.

at dinner today em said how funny it was that jake was totally the same as well.

take care!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! And best wishes for your sis.