Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day, and the first one Zar was able to spend with his offspring. In the past I've always taken Charlotte with me to Newport Beach, leaving Zar clues as to where to find his gift.

This year Ella was here to spit up on her dad's hand and get herself wedged under the ottoman. We also visited Charlotte's grave which was so sadly bare. We promised her we would do our very best to get her stone up before her birthday next week. We placed a new lollipop and picked up the soggy dum-dum sticks still left over from Memorial Day.

This morning I wandered into Charlotte's room while getting dressed and looked at her pictures and thought "Look at her using her little arms that were never supposed to move! Look at her posing for the camera! Look at her being smug and proud of herself!" Charlotte was so amazing, and for the first time since those strange euphoric days right after she passed I was happy and proud of her, instead of just sad. She was so incredible.

I took Ella to Las Vegas last week to celebrate her aunt Alex's upcoming wedding. (I'm realizing how often I take our kids on trips without my husband...) and Ella was so popular everywhere we went. Plus I found she cut way down on the amount of pornography and other propositions I encountered. She threw one demon-type fit after sucking on a lime at a restaurant, but otherwise behaved herself very well, even on the plane ride down. I was terrified to fly by myself with her in my lap, but we were treated like royalty. A HUGE surprise. I was escorted to the front of the lengthy security line, and then called up to the gate to be given the one extra seat on the plane so I could have my own row. I even got to read a bit in the air. Incredible. We drove with the girls all the way home on Friday, stopping in Beaver for soft serve and to take a picture of Ella in the giant chair in a coon-skin cap. What a lucky baby.

Here Ella is sunning by the pool in her tu-tu swimsuit and 50 spf sunblock, which I also wore, making me look like a different species than my sisters, who do not shun the sun as I do. I often sighed and thanked them for allowing the old fat mom to join them in Vegas, to which they rolled their eyes adjusted their bikini straps. Do all 28 year olds feel so ancient? I doubt it.


Michelle said...

Wow- which air line were you flying? That's great that they treated you and Ella like queens :)

And yes, I too feel like an ancient (recently turned 29) year old. What is it about approaching our 30's that makes us feel so... dated?

The Snell Family said...

I am so happy you had a good time, and Ella is darling!! Sadly I too feel very old, yet on my 32 birthday I felt oddly spry, today I feel much less. Kenna would like to go to the Zoo with Ella, she said you can come too! let me know when you can go.
I look to what Charlotte was doing and see Arianna doing much of the same, it also makes me proud to be her mommy. Dr Pheffer also sends a hello.
Love ya chickie!