Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Well we have some IVF news. Sort of.
Zar got a call today telling him that 8% of the swim team have chromosomal issues. Only Eight Percent? That's pretty much a miracle! Or not. Turns out the test they ran was checking for OTHER chromosomal issues not related to the balanced translocation. So 8% of the swim team have other issues, in his body's attempt to fix the balanced translocation and ripping off chunks of chromosomes from previously normal ones. So not much help there. The doctor said we need to have another test done to find out what percentage carry the unbalanced chromosomes, which is what we thought we were already doing. They will then add the two numbers together to get our total percent of lousy swim team members. So BEST case scenario, which is also pretty much impossible, is that 50% of the swim team have unbalanced translocations, plus the 8% with the other chromosome issues, making the total 58% abnormal. Not great. And also not likely.
Here's my issue. To me it seems you would do the translocation testing first. If that came back at 80% or so, would we pay the $800 to find out what percentage had other issues? I doubt it. No one mentioned that there were TWO expensive tests to do to find out. And why couldn't we have done them simultaneously? If we decide to do the other test, this puts us out another 6 weeks or so.
Here's what I suspect. The clinic screwed up. They ordered the wrong test which is why they acted so squirrelly when we called for days on end for results. Oh, they are in dictation, or Oh, they are locked in someones desk, or the one that makes the least sense "They aren't...where we thought they'd be." Or rather what you thought they'd be? Yeah, more likely.
I think they screwed up. Or at the very least, misled us. The nurse assured us that the doctor wants us to have all the information before we make a decision, which is great. But all the information would include how many tests need to be run, yes?
They say tomorrow we will get a call letting us know the pricing on test number 2, the one that really matters. Thanks a lot.
My impression: not going well. If I can't trust the clinic to order the right tests, can I trust them to manipulate embryos, test them, put them back, and get me a healthy baby? Not really.
I looked into another top notch clinic in Colorado but the initial phone consult is $250. Sigh. How bad do I want another pregnancy? Not much. How badly do I want Ella to have a sibling or two to grow up with? Very. I wanna take my brood to Disneyland and force the girls to wear crowns and $65 princess dresses and the boys to wear pirate hats and carry plastic swords. Is that so much to ask?

The LDS Family Adoption Orientation is on the 27th. My guess is you will find us there.

Oh and here's another random Disneyland photo. And oh my goodness, compare Zar's gooney face to Ella's gooney face in the sidebar picture. Honeslty. The goons I live with.


Shannon said...

Stupid clinic- makes you want to stop payment on the credit card for the first test. That sucks- I am so sorry- but I have to admit... I am very excited about adoption. When you meet your baby for the first time- it won't matter who carried it- or what it looks like- when your baby comes- you just know that they belong with you. I am excited about your new set of adventures.

Amanda said...

That picture of Zar compared to Ella... I was laughing to hard I had TEARS. Tears, I tell you.

Terry Family said...

Pretty much I bet you want to drop-kick someone at that clinic right now. The whole situation really DOES sound a little fishy, which is NOT comforting in the current circumstances. Sigh. Well I hope things work out for you guys, and I hope the adoption orientation turns out to be great. I'm definitely a fan of adoption.

Katie Plewe said...

Ella and Zar look identical in those two pictures!

Becky said...

oh...but aren't GOONS the BEST? We're praying for you my friend.