Wednesday, May 13, 2009

See you later! I'm going to San Diego with my buddy Caroline! It's my first vacation! We're going to go to the Zoo, to Sea World, The Wild Animal Park and whatever else we want to do. We will be back on Monday. Wish us luck, two infants on a plane may be a little...stressful.


Susie said...

Absolutely adorable! Have fun!

Kim said...

Ella is such a beauty, I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! I have enjoyed your blog, Heavenly Father's Love come through your words. You are an amazing Mom

Jared and Kalleen said...

Erin, thanks for leaving a comment so I could read your blog. I've been reading for a while, but never have much time to leave a note. Both your girls are beautiful. I enjoy reading all you have to say. There is just something about reading an honest post about life, good and bad. We , Jared and I, were really sad to hear about Charlotte. We wanted to come to the funeral but couldn't make it work with our kids. Our prayers are still with you. I wish I could be in California with you. I'm ready for some sun.