Monday, April 20, 2009

This is a repost of an entry I did in December 2008 about BabySteals. (Which I bought a boppy from this morning.) They are turning ONE and having a blog contest...I figure I already wrote a blog about them and as their biggest fan, I am happy to repost it. And I already had the blog badge. Man I rock.

Since having kids, I don't get out as much, due to how long it takes to load two kids into a town car sized stroller, due to the fact that Ella's feedings require a certain amount of nudity I prefer to keep private, the number of accessories Charlotte requires for a day out to continue breathing and all that. (you must bold the word nudity, always. Or in my family--nudidity) 9 am every morning, a new item is posted on BABYSTEALS.COM, and I am quite dedicated to being there to see the new images upload. Just one item. Usually a high end non-nesscessity: a ultra luxe diaper bag, an insanely expensive silky/furry tiny baby blanket, an incredibly detailed hand embroidered Chinese silk spit rag. But these overpriced items are always 50, 60, even 70% off, and they sell out fast, and I find myself FRANTIC to fill my virtual shopping cart before I lose out and some other mom gets that baby poncho with pom-poms.
Plus I love getting mail. And since being on maternity leave in early October, I have continued to receive a full paycheck biweekly, which I did not expect to occur past November 1. Making it especially tempting to purchase high-end baby items each morning and rabidly await their arrival a day or so later.
Last night Zar noticed Ella wrapped in her new Ally Zabba pink and brown silky/minky blankey, original price a freaking SIXTY DOLLARS, bought by me for a mere $25, which also pleasingly sold out by 9:07 after my purchase was complete. He questioned my wisdom for spending my non-income on non-essentials, at Christmas time, when we have my medical bills, Ella's medical bills, Charlotte's never ending medical bills, and owe A LOT already. I promised to be better, to be frugal, stop going out to lunch and buying silky things and thank goodness the girl's Santa picture is already paid for.
This morning my paycheck didn't come. And I bought Charlotte that poncho, pom poms and all.
BOOYAH, another STEAL!

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