Sunday, March 08, 2009

Zar and I went to visit Charlotte's grave today for the first time since the funeral.
She has no stone yet, just a little mound of dirt in the grass. There were a couple dried carnations from the boutonnieres the pall bearers wore in the dirt. That was all. It was quite humble.
"huh." I said.
We brought tulips. We asked Charlotte if we could give one to Ava, the baby buried near her who was born and died just weeks before Charlotte was born. Charlotte said no, they were her tulips, but we gave her one anyway. We said we missed her, and we would get her a beautiful stone soon, and we went back to the car.
When I got there I put Ella in the car and saw, in the pocket of the front seat, one of the giant Disneyland lollipops Shannon gave Charlotte for Halloween, which I never let her eat because it would've been a crazy mess.
"Perfect" I said, and I ran back to her grave.
So now, instead of just a sad little mound of dirt, she has a little headstone. It is small for a headstone, and made of sugar, and is Charlotte for sure.


Lacey said...

How "sweet" is that?! Julie is going to call you so we can do lunch and look at Charlotte's wheelchair.

Amanda said...

That would be the EXACT headstone Charlotte would want. Except she would want one sucker as the headstone and one to eat.

Shannon said...

I love that she has a sucker for a headstone. That just makes me smile!

Becky said...

Sugar and Spice - perfect for your little girl. :)