Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yesterday at Breakfast

Zar: What are you getting?

Me: Dunno yet. Eating this early makes me sick.
Zar: I'll tell you exactly what you are getting. You will get the oatmeal.

Me: Huh. I will get the oatmeal. And two eggs. And a diet coke.

Zar: Wow. I'm getting the Brewer's Breakfast.

Me: Lotta food.

Zar: Yes...

Me: What?

Zar: Neither of us are getting pancakes.

Me: I noticed that too.

Zar: We could get a side says "One Large Pancake." I kinda want a pancake.

Me: That is a ton of food. Oatmeal, eggs, coke, orange juice, toast, hash browns, omelet, bacon, and one large pancake? It's a BIG pancake.


Zar: I feel like Boofus wants us to have the pancake.

Me: Yes. We will have the pancake for Boofus. That is what she would want.

Zar: (to Boofus) Okay Boof, we will get the pancake too. Even though that is a ton of food.

Both grin.


MandoRama said...

Hi, Erin. I sort-of know you through my sister Liz W. and my friend Colin S., and I went to high school Zar. (and even asked the poor guy to an awful Pep Club dance - he was such a good sport to say yes) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing to have handled all that you have with such patience and devotion. I hope that the future holds good things for you and your family - you clearly deserve it.

Angela said...

Erin, I wish we could have made it to the funeral. My mom said it was happy--a celebration of Charlotte. I am so touched by the blessing that you and Zar have been to Charlotte, and she to you. Together you have been such a Christ-like example of love and selflessness. You have touched more lives than you know.

Katie said...

Hi - Found your blog through my friend's - Elizabeth Ott. I am so very sorry for your loss, but I wanted to tell you that I think your writing is fantastic. It's very inspirational for those of us who feel like we're struggling with what we see in our lives as being difficult that don't even compare to what you've been through. You should look into writing a memoir. I hope I don't seem intrusive or nosy, I just kept reading and reading because you wrote your story so beautifully.
Thank you for touching my heart today.

Amanda said...

Do exactly what you think Boofus would want you to do. Gi-normous breakfast, or not.

Michelle said...

The picture you posted with this blog just makes me smile from the inside out. Adorable :)

Molly said...

I am sorry that I never met "boofus." Your simple pancake story made me cry.. both a happy and a sad cry. She seemed like such a character. I am truly sorry for your loss and also so happy for the time you were able to have with that little miracle. My in-laws are in your in-laws neighborhood (and my sister Sarah Claflin went to h.s. with Zar). I have heard a bit about your family since my sister-in-law Katie Hathaway had a baby girl with trisomy 18. Hang in there. You seem so strong.

I also really enjoy your writing... especially your "developmentally disabled" soliloquy.

Becky said...

This picture of you and Boofus touches my heart.