Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It is February 11th.
Ella turned Four Months today. Technically she can start on solids now, but we'll be waiting til we see Dr. Cline next week. We'll be waiting as long as possible.
It's also a special day, aren't going to believe this...
My life started FOR REAL only 15 short years ago. It was February 11th, a Friday, and I was dancing with Jeff in the Old Gym to "Forever Young." I was wearing a red zip up tunic thing with white flowers and white leggings and a white stretchy headband. For Valentines, you know. It was the Valentines Dance in 7th grade, and I remember thinking how lucky I was that "Forever Young" is such a long song, and also thinking that I would always remember this date, February 11th, as the day my life really started. Because I was dancing with a boy.
I remember thinking this was the start to my teenage years, and from here I could look forward to such events as my first kiss (June 6, 1995) my first date, first boyfriend, first time I would be serenaded outside my window, (didn't happen) first giant bouquet of roses to be delivered in front of all my friends, inspiring incredible jealousy, (didn't happen) first earthquake to hit and make Jeff (or John, or Mark, or whoever) realize how much they really, really loved me. (Don't recall that coming to pass either.) I had big, big plans.
And I was right. I had lots of painful, terrible, terrific dramatic fun during those years, obsessing and weeping and burning pictures and writing poems for a bunch of skinny high schoolers. I made a lot of wonderful friends as well, the notable male being Lincoln, who made high school, for the most part, fantastic. It was the beginning of my teenage years, and the end of my babyhood.
Ella's babyhood is just beginning. It terrifies me that one day her babyhood will end, in the arms of some skinny dark haired 7th grader who doesn't want to dance with her. I can only hope her babyhood lasts that long. She has such a long, wonderful, horrible time ahead of her, and all I can do is treasure these short moments when all she wants is to be in my arms, looking into my eyes, and listening to me serenade her.


Lincoln said...

Thank you...and ditto.

Shannon said...

Can I just tell you- that I adore you and think you are wonderful. I love your writing- it is just amazing.