Sunday, February 08, 2009

Been sick.
Worked for 40 minutes on Friday and went to mommy's, the best place to be while sick. Slept on the couch a lot. Let her make me home made bread. Let her bathe and feed my kids. Let her put up with my whining and sniveling.
Worked on Saturday. Took Tylenol Cold, Day time Formula. Right. Loopy all day, kept randomly smacking co-workers in the arm, couldn't remember how to pull up results I've pulled up daily for five years, fell asleep on the desk for 20 minutes and no one woke me up. That was sweet of them.

Still sick today. Spent it snuggling, bathing, snuffing, patting, medicating two sick little girls. It made me sad to give Ella her first taste of tylenol, she's never had anything but milk. She was not happy about it. She seems a little confused about the coughing and runny nose, it's her first time. Realized I'm the mommy now, and I'm doing my best to comfort and cozy them. Charlotte got a root beer sucker, Ella got a long massage, both got baths and lotion and fluids and love. Poor babies. At 3pm I went upstairs for a long nap. I'm still new at the mommy thing. Plus my kids don't eat home made bread.

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Shannon said...

I am SO sorry that you all got sick! Call me if you want me to take the girls so that you can take a fact- I know you won't call- I will call you tomorrow to see if you need help or a nap. I love you.