Friday, January 23, 2009

This came to me the other night so I scribbled it down on the back of a magazine in the dark. Lets see if I can decipher it now.

Goodnight Boo

In Boo's room all painted in pink
there is a feeding pump with lights that blink and
alarms that ring if the tube has a kink.
And an IV Pole and a feeding bag full
of Pediasure, good for body and soul.
And an air purifier and a humidifier
and a pulse oximeter with 5 feet of wire.
And a night stand and a floor fan
and a red lit probe taped to Boo's foot or hand.
And Breath Right Strips and Tender Grips
and Albuterol and Tylenol
and a princess night light shining down the hall.
Goodnight Boo.
Goodnight to all your special things too:
Good night wire, and humidifier
goodnight fan and IV stand
Goodnight Grips and Goodnight Strips
Goodnight meds like Prevacid
and goodnight to pumps that keep you fed.
Goodnight to steady vital signs
Goodnight to tube and probe and lines
Goodnight to blinking lights and beeps
Goodnight to Boo, now fast asleep.


Terry Family said...

Erin I love that!!! You could turn that into a little kids book for special needs. Zach has one called "I'm a Superhero" thats all about chemo.

Marsha said...

Darling poem. Thanks for sharing!

Spliz said...

glad i'm not the only one to have that book memorized backwards and forwards--i wrote a much lamer parody once about spit-up.

Shannon said...

Awesome! You really should publish some of these thoughts Erin- so many people could gain so much insight from you.

Alex Drake said...

That's a great poem. And it really captures the essence of her room and her life. She's so sweet, and so is ella. We enjoyed keeping Zar company the other night. Hope the procedure went ok.

Alicia Ann said...

That is really good Erin. I love reading your blog.