Thursday, January 08, 2009

These are the men in my life. In the group picture it starts with Ben, my sister Allison's husband since October 5th 2007. Apparently he was called "Ben the Hen" in highschool. An obvious nickname. (?) The pale small one next to him is my husband of 6 years, Zar, and next to him is my brother in law to be, Doug, aka Dougie Fresh, Mr. Doo-gal, Bear Cub. He's marrying my sister Alex in July 2009. And last is my Dad, The Big R, Pa-Roan, Roan-opple-deedle, Poopyseed pappy poopyseed muffin. (We are big on nicknames in my family. Unless, of course, your name is already 'Zar')
Missing is my brother Jake, aka Jacob Ann Marley, Cobby, Elder Enslin, who is serving his mission in Athens Greece. He's due home in June this year. My parents are going to pick him up, the lucky dogs.
It is so much fun having all these guys in my family to torment. I think my dad is enjoying having more dudes around too. Sundays are so fun as we get together at my parents torn up house and eat and talk and laugh. Ben gives me high fives when I belch while everyone else calls me disgusting. I frequently tackle Doogal and smack him around which I've been doing for years. He's already such a part of the family as they've been dating forever....he was there on Charlotte's birthday to meet her and then he went on his mission to Argentina...or was it Mexico...he hates that joke. Ben is still the new guy but he's especially easy to harass-he has a short fuse as runs in the family. On Christmas he got caught calling my dad something like "A skinny little runt man" when he thought he wasn't listening. Allison had offered Ben some of my dads sweat pants to wear. As if.
Poor Jake has quite a job ahead of him. I guarantee the girl he brings into this family will be under A LOT of scrutiny at first, but I'm sure in the end we will embrace and love her as long as she isn't too prissy or stuck up or ditzy or dumb. It's so fun having the family just keep growing especially as my sisters get closer to "Baby Time."
My family is such a source of Joy to me. I hope it's the same for all of you.

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