Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Stuff about Me

I wash my hair twice a week. I'm surprised at how often this shocks people, especially moms. You just have to let it be greasy for awhile and then somehow your head...adjusts, and you can get away with it.
Day 1 is all blown out and sexified with backcombing, straightening iron and hairspray. Day 2 I can still get away with wearing it down but it usually is up by mid afternoon. Day 3 requires a shot of Batiste, an incredible dry shampoo which feels like a cold wind in your hair, like skiing. Awesome. Day four, if it exists, is a ponytail or the annoyingly simple "Tie a bunch of knots in hair" that always gets the most compliments of all my many styles. And you know I get a LOT of compliments.

Just thinking about cough syrup makes me gag a little bit. Urp...there we go. Also I have been known to vomit when biting down on an undercooked or raw onion. Does it feel like I write about vomit a lot?

I used to really like scary movies, but now they...scare me. Also I have discovered, from being a member of, that any movie from the 90s you don't remember generally really, really sucks. Even ones about infectious disease, my all time favorite movie topic.

Brandon Flowers, of the Killers, is so strangely attractive that I denied liking Mr. Brightside because it shamed me. You know, the eyeliner and boyish good looks...but in the end I adore the Killers. Also every time I hear a song on the radio that I am like "YES this is AWESOME" I realize it is Nickleback. Nickleback? What the...?

I have finally, after many, many years, have gotten over Britney Spears. I barely think about her anymore.

Finally, I have a fear of clowns, and this pretty much is guaranteed to give me nightmares.


Lincoln said...

Over Britney? Sad.
I still remember the first line to your version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

"You're bottle tan is orangey."

Amanda said...

"Now your chest looks more like mine."

I still am not able to understand your odd crush on The Killers lead singer. He's weird looking and a bit little boyish... Now, clowns, on the other hand... FREAKY! You know my aversion to them. Remember the haunted house with the clowns and the trapping me in the corner and the tears? Horrible!!!

Spliz said...

Erin, we're twins!
although, I hate to say it, but I am, like, waaaaayyy ahead of you in the writing about vomit category. It'll take some hard work for you to catch up.

Terry Family said...

Erin, I need your email so I can invite you to our family site. We had to go private for certain reasons.