Monday, January 26, 2009

If you know me, you know I am a Sleeper. I am not one of these who can go on four hours and operate heavy machinery. I am not one to fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the night watching TV. Most nights, I struggle to wait until 10:15 to feed Ella and put her to bed. Then I crash immediately afterwards. I snuggle down in my big bed with my two special pillows and I give a big contented sigh and I fall asleep within minutes.
So this weekend was difficult. I worked on Saturday for eight hours, then rushed to my favorite pedicure spot with the mysteriously subjective prices. While my favorite guy who does the best foot massage and leg smacking was painted my piggies pink, my pager went off. It was 5:30pm.
"Everything alright?" pedicure guy asked. He knows Charlotte well.
"yes, just gotta go back to work."
How very random, as always. I think he knows the smaller the price the bigger the tip. I am off.
Actually I go home. I speak to Resident Shirts, and we are going to exchange that lady from Boston. I speak to "George," some guy in the ER who tells me he needs to get details on "Pheresis...izing....". I speak to Zar, and tell him I want Fried Chicken. The Weight Watchers point system doesn't apply to call hours.
Fried Chicken consumed, some Rock Band with the Drakes, and at 9pm I leave for the hospital. On the MICU I find my patient still under blue towels having a line placed. Which I was told was already done.
I set up my machine, I wander up to 6 South to see if Mandi is working (no) I read Patient's chart, I pick up 16 bags of plasma from the blood bank. Type B, of course.
"Is that pee?" asks some random on the elevator.
Yup. Three liters of pee.
The rest of the night is a bit of a blur. Patient's platelets have dropped from 3o to 20 in hours. This is a true Thrombolytic Thrombocytopenic Purpura case. Very rare. She's on vacation from Boston. This is her third bout with this. She happens to be an Oncologist. She has a history of seizures and hives and severe citrate reaction during this procedure. Fabulous.
It goes fine though, I hit go at 11:50 pm. A few doses of benadryl for hives and she's okay. Her plasma is dark brown. I imagine the person on the elevator asking "Is that coke?"
Yup. Diet.
I finish up. I go home. I get in bed at 4 am.
Zar takes the girls downstairs and I sleep til 11. Then I get up and go back to the hospital at noon.
Five hours later I go have dinner at my moms. I'm entering my desperately exhausted mode, and weepy and dramatic, I go to bed at 8pm.
I got up today at five, took a bath, fed the baby, and went to work.
I made it five more hours and came home to take it easy after my rough weekend.
Technically I got plenty of sleep. Seven on Sunday and 9 last night. So why do I still feel like I'm the one with a history of seizures, TTP and veins full of coke? (or pee?)


Amanda said...

"Is that pee?" "Yup, three liters." I LOVE IT!!!

Alex Drake said...

I'm glad that things went OK. Sorry we couldn't keep Zar company till 4 am. We didn't last much past 10:30 or 11. make sure you take lots of naps.

thack said...

Erin!!! I love your blog. And Ella is soooo adorable. I need to see her in "real life." And of course Charlotte is as darling as ever. Did I mention that you rock? Well, you do.

kat said...

i'm the ultimate sleeper, it's ridiculous. if i'm ever unrested and uncaffeinated at the same time... you know that scene in every godzilla movie ever made where buildings toppling and villagers are running away? based on me.