Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am home in a quiet house for a few precious "alone" moments. Both kids are fed and sitting in baby chairs looking at me contentedly. The manicotti in the oven has 35 more minutes to go, and I made a beautiful balsamic vinaigrette strawberry goat cheese walnut salad that is chilling in the fridge. The TV is off and the carpet is freshly scrubbed and vacuumed. I worked out this morning and got a shower. I am at peace.
We have a new president in the White House and I spent all day yesterday puttering about, scrubbing the carpet, folding laundry, getting Charlotte on and off the school bus, losing and finding a $2000 hearing aide, and watching Katie Couric and the inauguration proceedings. I watched people run alongside the parade route for another glimpse of President Obama. I liked Michelle's yellow outfit. I loved the little girls in their J. Crew coats. I thought our President looked handsome and confident and charming, and I was happy and tearful all day.
It's difficult to explain how grateful I feel for my life, for my home and family and manicotti in the oven. I have been told more than once that I have a hard life. A girl once said to me "I imagine every night you lay down in bed and just cry." My mom writes letters to my brother in Greece and always says "I don't know how your sister does everything she has to do."
I have a very easy, luxurious, comfortable happy life. I have a wonderful husband and a home with a two car garage. I have two beautiful daughters, one of which will never break my heart, tell me she hates me or dress inappropriately. She has a free ticket straight to heaven. The other is good natured and happy, smiles when she sees me and has my nose and limitless potential. I have a job I enjoy and my husband has a job. We get together with my family every Sunday for dinner. I have the gospel in my life and it brings me tremendous hope and comfort. I can buy strawberries and walnuts any time I want.
There is much suffering in the world. There is terror. Mothers watch their children starve, or freeze or be mistreated. So many people have no hope, no reasonable possibility that things will get better, or be better for their children. People are cruel to each other all over the world.
When I get into my big bed at night with the incredibly soft sheets I got for Christmas, in my warm room after tucking in my gorgeous daughters, the last thing I do is cry. I am very blessed.
This country is very blessed. Things aren't perfect, but tonight I am at Peace.
Now time for Manicotti.


Amanda said...

You've reduced me to tears again. DANG IT! Always at work too. I have got to stop reading your blog while I am working.

Maggie said...

I love you Beanie.

Shannon said...

Awesome. Way to keep things in perspective. But-all amazing blessings and luxuries aside...I still don't know how you do all the things you have to do. I love you.

Allison said...

Um...I don't have the internet and NEVER get to read your blog but EVERYTIME I ever have I'm left sitting at the computer bawling. LOVE YOU MY SISTER