Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Sucks About the Hospital
  • Having a sick kid.
  • Pumping milk for your absent baby and having docs walk in without knocking.
  • But then, I don't care if they forget to knock, as long as they SHOW UP.
  • Missing "Dr. Phil" because you are waiting for an aide to come pick you up from Imaging.
  • Gaining a pound a day on food that doesn't even taste good.
  • Having your kid get C. difficile, which results in buckets of mustard like poo.
  • Feeling like maybe, for the first time ever, you may be getting it too.
  • Never seeing your 8 week old baby, or your husband, or unfiltered daylight, or shampoo.
  • Waiting for doctors, waiting for tests, waiting for bad news, waiting to leave.
  • The strange lethargy and exhaustion that sets in, although you are just sitting there. All day.
  • Having a sick kid.
What Isn't So Awful

  • When your kid is still laughing through it all.
  • The truffles in the cafeteria. And Chicken Noodle Day. Okay, some things taste good.
  • When the doctors don't have such awful news.
  • Oprah. Everyday, without guilt.
  • Visitors that bring sushi, gummi bears, Excedrin, or just themselves.
  • Feeling justified in not getting that Christmas shopping done.
  • Nurses who remember the stuff you ask for.
  • Time to read to, play with, and snuggle your kid, without thinking of the laundry.
  • Fun surprises: Dog Therapy, a stuffed duck, the book cart, the donut and milk cart.
  • Dr. Day, our cardiologist who called me directly and visited too. And didn't rush.
  • No IV this time, catheter, intubation or near death experiences.
  • Knowing that your kid is in sinus rhythm, her sats are good, and she's not having seizures.
  • Going back home again.


Shannon said...

YAY for going home! I hope that you guys are able to just sit back and relax as a family for a day or two before you have to get up and do anything- it is much deserved! (Glad you are feeling better too!)

Amanda said...

We still haven't gone to see Santa. Interested now that you are home?