Thursday, December 04, 2008


Since having kids, I don't get out as much, due to how long it takes to load two kids into a town car sized stroller, due to the fact that Ella's feedings require a certain amount of nudity I prefer to keep private, the number of accessories Charlotte requires for a day out to continue breathing and all that. (you must bold the word nudity, always. Or in my family--nudidity) 9 am every morning, a new item is posted on BABYSTEALS.COM, and I am quite dedicated to being there to see the new images upload. Just one item. Usually a high end non-nesscessity: a ultra luxe diaper bag, an insanely expensive silky/furry tiny baby blanket, an incredibly detailed hand embroidered Chinese silk spit rag. But these overpriced items are always 50, 60, even 70% off, and they sell out fast, and I find myself FRANTIC to fill my virtual shopping cart before I lose out and some other mom gets that baby poncho with pom-poms.
Plus I love getting mail. And since being on maternity leave in early October, I have continued to receive a full paycheck biweekly, which I did not expect to occur past November 1. Making it especially tempting to purchase high-end baby items each morning and rabidly await their arrival a couple days later.
Last night Zar noticed Ella wrapped in her new Ally Zabba pink and brown silky/minky blankey, original price a freaking SIXTY DOLLARS, bought by me for a mere $25, which also pleasingly sold out by 9:07 after by purchase was complete. He questioned my wisdom for spending my non-income on non-essentials, at Christmas time, when we have my medical bills, Ella's medical bills, Charlotte's never ending medical bills, and owe A LOT of tithing. I promised to be better, to be frugal, stop going out to lunch and buying silky things and thank goodness the girl's Santa picture is already paid for and I did such a good job on black Friday at 4am.
This morning my paycheck didn't come. And I bought Charlotte that poncho, pom poms and all!
BOOYAH, another STEAL!


Amanda said...

Stuff on is probably the ONLY reason I regret that I had a boy instead of a girl. Most of the stuff is "girly". Like the pancho. DAMMIT!

Lincoln said...

I prefer similar site...but for outdoor gear lovers. I recommend buying your babies tents, hiking pants, and sleeping bags. Who needs a stupid pancho?

Shannon said...

Awesome Erin! I want the pancho too!