Monday, December 08, 2008

Ponytailed and Pajamaed-I find my family back in the hospital after an amazing run--it's been 21 months since we were last an in-patient family, if you don't count that overnighter in July, which I don't.
Made easier this time by the fact I am on maternity leave and don't call work each morning with feeble promises to try and make it when I can.
Made more difficult by 8 week old Ella, who thankfully, behaves like an angel.
Charlotte, dressed in last years Christmas dress that still fits, (just a wee bit short) sitting on the bed waiting to go to church Sunday morning, suddenly goes blank and tips over like a chess piece.
Something is definitely going on, there is no denying it now. It's not just a cold and congestion, resulting in poor oxygenation. There is something major going on.
Charlotte is admitted, and I decline to sign the DNR.
Charlotte is on telemetry; someone is watching her heart rhythm 24 hours a day, and thus far, no "remarkable events" have occurred. She also undergoes an EEG, sleeping quietly while a couple dozen probes on her skull measure her brain waves. No seizure activity either.
She is happy and enjoys the constant presence of either mom or dad, eats multiple servings of vanilla pudding, explores the light-up musical seahorse Grandma brings her.
So all good news? Most likely we will go home unsure of what has caused these episodes, three in as many weeks. To rule out major cardiac and neuro events is a comforting, but the unknown is still terrifying. They could be a fluke, disappear never to return, but I'm afraid I'll spend the next few months on edge, constantly checking for dusky lips and blank eyes. But at least now I have hope of having those months, when for the past three days I've been saying goodbye.

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Lincoln said...

I'm glad you started blogging again. Charlotte's a lucky girl in at least one respect. She's got a good family.