Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas Eve Eve so I thought I'd write about...Valentines Day.

For our first Valentines Day as a married couple, Zar took me out to eat downtown. We couldn't get reservations until 9pm, which is pretty much my bed time, and we didn't get our food until nearly ten, and not even I want to eat lobster at 10 pm.

The following year we decided to stay home and we spent the whole day together. We searched all the cookbooks we got for our wedding and put together an awesome menu, then went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients. We made crab cakes and lamb chops and crab legs because they were on sale. It was a strange combination but a lot of fun and everything was delicious.

The next year we tried to make a roast chicken from a recipe in a magazine. The whole condo was filled with smoke and we were very depressed as we had just found out the baby I was carrying would likely not survive. That's all I remember.

In 2006 I can't remember what we made, but I remember Zar left to go get flat leaf parsley, and while he was gone I sliced my finger open, screamed, and waved it around wildly, spraying blood all over the kitchen. I was still finding dried drops of it months later when we moved. Anyway, I sat waiting for Zar to come home as I was certain I needed stitches. Did I mention I was wearing a little fur trimmed red nightie with hearts on it that barely covered my post pregnancy bum? I was. Then a car pulled into our parking spot right outside our bay window, and I jumped up and stood there in all my glory in the headlights. Then I realized it was my in-laws, come to give Charlotte a Valentine. They sat in their car, unsure what to make of my welcome, and I crawled into the bedroom and put on a robe. They chose to leave the gift on the porch and run for it. Zar came home and only my pride needed stitches.

In 2o07 we were in our new home, Zar worked late, and my in-laws came over. They rang the bell and then hid in case I answered the door in a bunny outfit. Once I proved appropriate they appeared and gave me a pair of ruby earrings. It was the highlight of the day. I know that because I don't remember anything else. For all I know Zar never got home.

This year I found out I was pregnant on February 13. The next day I treated myself to a bizarre spa treatment--I basically lay on a table in a steamy room while a woman bathed me. One might suppose I could bathe myself, which is why I doubt I will ever pay for that particular treatment again. I don't remember a thing about dinner, or gifts, or being naked in front of my in-laws. Just the spa girl.

I am thinking about Valentine's Day because today I decided to make the balsamic lamb chops we made for our 2nd year. By the time Zar got home 30 minutes late the kitchen was full of strange smells and burnt oil. He ate the chops, the water logged wild rice and a few green beans, and a huge pile of potato chips. I forgot to pull out the Martinelli's Cider I was chilling, and when I finally did Zar looked at me with horror and asked if I am pregnant. I told him if I were pregnant I would be sobbing and tearing my hair out, not offering him lamb and cider.
Which brings this entry to an end. Merry Christmas Eve Eve, and Happy Valentines Day!

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Shannon said...

Awesome post! You definitely had me laughing- I am amazed that you can remember all of your Valentines days!...mine I guess just weren't that memorable...big bummer- makes me hate valentines day even more...:)