Friday, March 17, 2006

A child with Down Syndrome will roll over by themselves anywhere from about 6 to 22 months,
or so I've read.
Charlotte is nine months old. She cannot roll over by herself. But then, she doesn't have Down Syndrome. I read about the developmental milestones of trisomy 21, or Down Syndrome kids, the other night, and I was overcome with guilt.
Charlotte gets lots of cuddles. She gets soy formula and oatmeal, various foods such as sweet potatoes, peas, applesauce, pears, peaches (which she hates) carrots, and squash at regualar intervals. She gets frequent diaper changes, baths, and lotion rubdowns. She gets a beautiful crib and pottery barn bedding. She has the best furniture in the house. She gets toys galore, play mats, a bumbo chair, a bouncy chair, and a boppy. She gets enough clothes to outfit ten kids her age. She gets beautiful church dresses that the old ladies and young mothers fawn over. She gets professional photo sittings and a haircut from mom. She gets a dozen different doctors. She gets a blog (mostly) about her. She got a trip to Hawaii when she was two weeks old. She gets lots of love.
Charlotte does not get enough physical therapy.
She does not get enough tummy time.
She does not get enough ab exercise.
She does not get enough gross motor sessions.

I fretted and cried a little and called upon my friends in the trisomy family group. They patted me and told their own stories, gave encouragment, all from their terminals at home, with their own little triers behind them on blankets.
Charlotte knows she is loved. She knows she is cherished and she knows how to snuggle.
For now, it is enough.
But tomorrow, she'll get her therapy in, come hell 0r high water.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Developmental Delays
Hello, it's been a long time.
But a busy time. Much has occured, then un-occured, and now we're back to square one, just where we were before...never mind. I'm not really in the mood to write.
Here's what has changed:
Booferd's looked bad on echo. she had an mri. Her skull surgery was canceled.
The MRI looked great.
Heart surgery was scheduled, then canceled.
She was cleared for Skull surgery.
We are moving into a house in Taylorsville. It will be done in May. It's actually a Town House. It has two bedrooms and a scrapbooking room. Unfinished basement. I need new furniture.
I bought a new vaccuum because I will not take that broken dirt devil to the new house.
I refined my phlebotomy tecnique with help from co-workers after offering to quit my job. It was humbling. Now I rock the blood-letting world.
I have lost 12 lbs.
Charlotte got a haircut. She has a bob.
Zar lost 25 lbs.
Charlotte has gained 4 lbs. Zar made a rude comment about her thighs and I made him feel like crap for it.
I have a crush on Gunnar Peterson. Creator of the core secrets work-out.