Thursday, March 09, 2006

Developmental Delays
Hello, it's been a long time.
But a busy time. Much has occured, then un-occured, and now we're back to square one, just where we were before...never mind. I'm not really in the mood to write.
Here's what has changed:
Booferd's looked bad on echo. she had an mri. Her skull surgery was canceled.
The MRI looked great.
Heart surgery was scheduled, then canceled.
She was cleared for Skull surgery.
We are moving into a house in Taylorsville. It will be done in May. It's actually a Town House. It has two bedrooms and a scrapbooking room. Unfinished basement. I need new furniture.
I bought a new vaccuum because I will not take that broken dirt devil to the new house.
I refined my phlebotomy tecnique with help from co-workers after offering to quit my job. It was humbling. Now I rock the blood-letting world.
I have lost 12 lbs.
Charlotte got a haircut. She has a bob.
Zar lost 25 lbs.
Charlotte has gained 4 lbs. Zar made a rude comment about her thighs and I made him feel like crap for it.
I have a crush on Gunnar Peterson. Creator of the core secrets work-out.


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kat said...

i'm glad you're back.