Sunday, January 15, 2006

Life's pretty decent on the Beach
I am rapidly approaching the end of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Unfortunately I am not rapidly approaching my goal weight. Shame. All those beans for so little.
I have always, ALWAYS wanted to lose a few pounds. Now I look back at pre-pregnancy days and think "wow, what a hot young bod." And so underappreciated! Oh well, I still fit in those clothes, they are just uncomfy now. But here is what I miss that is Body Related:
time to go to the gym every day and trot on a treadmill watching CNN and listening to "The Middle" over and over.
When my belly pooch was smaller and did not have stretch marks.
Buying Gym Clothes and Self Magazine
My attitude that life without rasinettes and gummy items was not worth living.
Buying a new swimsuit every January to push myself to workout although I've never had Swimsuit Body by any means.
And right now, bread--soft chewy, delicious bread.

Oh well. I tell myself I'll never be obese. But I will always be just a little bit fat, to quote Briget Jones. And I will always be Charlotte's mom. And I will always be Zar's wife and the boss of my household. And I will always be in love with mountains and big dogs and earrings and raisinettes. So I can let the stretch marks go.


kat said...

i'm still in week one of phase one.
and now bread officially looks like candy.

Lincoln said...

I've gotten skinnier. Can you believe it? My eating habits have self-destructed. My gym attendance is sporadic. And I'm LOSING weight. Not trying to make you mad. Just saying I look a little lurpy.