Friday, December 23, 2005

Let me describe a "Bilateral Orbital Advancement".
First they shave off your beautiful, bountious soft hair. Then they cut a zig zag line from ear to ear across your skull. They further the cut into your skull, and proceed to cut slits in the bone towards your forehead. They then bend the bone so it curves along the slits. Somehow-now here is the mystery-the create brow bones for you out of your own bone. The flap of skull is replaced and held together with bolts and small metal plates, some of which will dissolve, some of which are permanent. (this will forever complicate the airport security process.) The flap of skin is replaced and sewn back on. You will recieve a few units of donated blood. You will spend a night in the ICU under heavy sedation. By day three your eyes will be swollen shut and your head may swell to the size of a basketball. You will spend a week in the hospital, thankfully with heavy medication. You will then go home with less medication and start your recovery. Imagine you know this will happen to you soon. Worse yet-it's going to happen to your baby. And yes, you are happy that they feel she is healthy enough for this, her heart strong enough, and her brain "normal" enough, and you are thrilled at the potential for faster development, more development, more eye contact, but of course, you are scared. So your begin your countdown--54 days from today. You take a month off work and pray her hair grows back quickly, she doesn't suffer too much pain, and that it will be worth it.
So today you put her hair in a pony tail, and notice again how soft it is.

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alliemich said...

I can't imagine, and I don't know how you did it! GOd picked you to carry a very heavy and special cross. He must think so incredibly high of you :)