Monday, November 28, 2005

A whole new world has opened up for Boo. It is terribly exciting. People used to ask if she could see, as she rarely made eye contact. Now she startles when I drop something. She wakes up and cries when I walk into her room singing The Booper-Doo song in the mornings. She stares into dad's eyes when he talks to her and she babbles just to hear herself. We are having so much fun exploring this new world of sounds.
Boo pulled through surgery with no trouble. We checked in at 6:00 am and were home by noon. She was hitting the tylenol pretty regularly for a few days-(you would too if your tongue had been clipped) but she hardly complained. Best of all-the peace of mind knowing she handled the surgery just fine, even it was only 30 minutes. When it comes time for the major five hour long surgery, at least we'll know she has handled the anesthesia before.
For now we'll be thankful for her new sense of sound and her new talent of giggling when her neck is tickled. Too cute.


Lincoln said...

It's amazing that we take our senses for granted. I read your post and a huge grin spread across my face. I just picture her hearing things for the first time and it brings a sense of awe and amazement to me. Congratulations Bean. You are living quite the adventure and I applaud how well you've done so far.

kat said...