Saturday, November 19, 2005

We are going to see a movie for the first time since Booferd was born tonight! Hopefully Harry Potter. I am excited, except I just bought some big letter stamps and white ink and I'd rather like staying home and making craptastic cards, but then I think of all the toys/cut up felt/target shopping bags/various junk that is littering the condo floor, and I would rather not go home at all. Plus Grandma wants to show off the baby at "The Bishops Open House."

Speaking of nothing to do with this, I love Dr. Phil. Forget he is totally my type-large, balding, older, (I'm serious) he is also caring, sensitive and funny.
If I happen to have a day off and it's nearing 3:00 I will forgo almost anything--lunch with a friend, a few and far between gym visit, my Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot (again, serious) to spend a precious hour with Dr. Phil. Oprah knows a good man when she sees one.
I got in a fight with a girl at work who claimed she was Dr. Phils' biggest fan. "Oh Excuse ME" I said. I dont' even remember who it was, just that she was after my man.
So I will end today with some sage advice from this national treasure:
When your life is on fire, don't reach for matches.
(To me this means, when you work full time, have a disabled child, a house to clean, and craptastic cards to make, don't try to fit in the South Beach Diet and exercise as well.)

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