Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My husband and I got in a huge fight last night.
I walk in the door thinking okay, I'm exhausted, but I need to
give Booper her antibiotic
feed her
pack the diaper bag
make Zar his lunch
pick up the kitchen
wash some bottles for the night
get ready for bed
put Booper to Bed.

Zar thinks
"Where is the remote?"

So I got mad, and I started whining.
Zar got mad, and did his drama king thing, where he stomps throwing all his dirty clothes in the laundry room, refusing to talk. Then tomorrow he'll complain that I kept him up all night cleaning and he didn't get any sleep.
We exchanged words, and I holed myself in the baby's room with her medicine and her bottle, and my pillow.
An hour later I was passed out on the shaggy blue rug, and Boo was talking in her sleep.
Zar found the door locked and proceeded to get a screwdriver and start working on getting the door knob off. He actually whistled while he did this.
I lay in the dark and imagined an intruder was trying to break in on my baby and me and all I could do was wait.
He got in, turned on the light and annoucnced he was going to sleep on the couch so I could have the bed.
It was all very civil-we said goodnight, he took his pillow and a comforter into the family room. I set my alarm and fell back to sleep.
Then he was back, saying it was the four year anniversary of our first kiss-Halloween, so we had better kiss before bed.
We kissed, I invited him back to bed, and as I fell back to sleep for the third time he mentioned that he wouldn't mind making up for real, you know...
I said I'd pencil him in for tomorrow.

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