Sunday, November 20, 2005

I love this picture.
It's old. Like, three months old or so. She was so tiny-teeny, skinny arms, itsy ankles and that little foot still turned funny. I can't believe they let me take her home like this. Now she's a big ole' chunk, heavy and hefty, with fat rolls around her wrists and incredibly pleasing chub-chub thighs.
I just have to remind myself how big and strong she is now, as we are at 11.5 hours and counting until she goes under general anesthesia for her tiny little surgeries-ear tubes and a fren...frenulum...a tongue tie clip. Anesthesia is terrifying--especially with heart issues, a history of apnea and being so tiny. But again, she's not tiny anymore. She's a chunk. Thank God.

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